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Everything went wrong! How I saved myself when going full time motor home.

Hey Earth Based Tribe,

After dancing to a different beat for the first couple of weeks, Kali and I have finally started to find our rhythm and settle into the spaces of Kalypso but gee it’s been an interesting ride along the way!

It seems that Kalypso was not all that she seemed when purchasing her for my on the road home. She had come with many challenges and had to go back into the shop numerous times as well as still needing further work. Apart from those challenges there has been so much to learn with everything from solar to gas to electrics and I’m still learning loads!

I had sat with many frustrations and had hit some low points so I knew that I really needed a self care practice that supported my transition and it seems that Earth Based Mindfulness (EBM) was just what I needed to center, ground and flow with the challenges along the way. This not only allowed me to feel more supported but also much more connected and allowed me to see the bigger picture at hand.

(EBM is something many of us can do anywhere/anytime, its free and I look forward to sharing more practical methods as the weeks go by)

For those who prefer the visual vlogs check out the above YouTube link.

So, what is Earth Based Mindfulness you may ask?

Earth based mindfulness is having the understanding of the cycles in place and how this impacts environment. It is how the elements dance and play with Earths existence. It is forming connection with everything that comes from earth and being more conscious of what we do with this knowledge. Earth Based mindfulness is about tuning in to our environment, making the connection between self and that of the earth. It is our connection to country which is trees, animals, ecosystems and more. It is the feeling of a cool breeze or perhaps mud on feet. It is tuning in to the sound of birdsong or maybe the clap of thunder. It is seeing reflection of light in water or a bird take flight in the sky. It is tasting the sweetness or bitterness of plant food. It is smelling flowers in bloom or cow manure freshly given to the lands. It is holding a still presence whilst observing and listening through our senses. By connecting to the earth, we gain a better understanding of selves whilst tapping into its wisdom. With our undivided attention we not only listen and learn to what the Earth needs but we also form a deeper connection to all which really allows us to grow in a profound and natural way.

Earth Based Mindfulness was founded by a beautiful lady by the name of Susanne Jones from the Meditation Space in Campbelltown who took me on a journey to show me the earth in a way I had never seen before. And I fell in love, I fell in love with the earth and all of the elements. It was a whole new way to care for myself as well as my environment.

Whilst living full time on the road it has enabled me to hold full moon rituals, watch the sun rise over mountain tops each morning, lay on the earth as it fills my womb with love and nourishment, dance, sing, skip and chant with only the forest watching and holding space. I have listened deeply to the trees of the land as well as collected the fallen ones to make fires to provide nourishment and warmth. I have started to live more minimally only consuming what I need. In practicing Earth Based Mindfulness I align and hold a deeper appreciation for the cycles I am living in and live for the moment!

Always chasing the destination, not happy in the moment where I was. Trying to find anywhere else but here. It’s taken me such a long time to be present with the journey, but I have arrived. I have arrived at my Destination Sacred Grounds.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog : The biggest lessons going full time motorhome and the first thing needed for self-care.

Thanks for taking this journey along with us!





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