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The 5 biggest lessons going full time motorhome!

Welcome back Earth Based Tribe,

We’ve been on the road for over a month now and as always it has been an interesting journey!

I’m dancing to the beat a little more rhythmic even though there are still many off beats with Kalypso. Kali has been getting used to her harness in preparation for adventure times on the lead and Kalypso, well there are still many issues however she is travelling along ok for now.

I have just come back from being up north with my partner and we had been to some of the most amazing beaches. We did a little kayaking alongside his Sister and it was just breath taking! Not only that, we had a pod of dolphins join us along the way. It was truly a surreal moment and just magnificent watching as they shimmied out of the water to say hello.

I have free camped, stayed at caravan parks and been given some great hospitality at family’s houses. Shout outs to all of you, you know who you are! I have visited a great variety of places from inland bushlands to coastal scenery and I have to say that the coastal spots have really given me that sense of nostalgia from living around beach areas when young.

My Earth Based Mindfulness practices range from watching a brightly lit up orange sunrise in the morning to deciding what I will have for dinner, what my wastage will be for the day and being present with my reaction to current frustrations. These practices continue to be my self-care and remind me to be in the moment but above all remind me how lucky I am.

There have been many lessons for me since going full time so I wanted to share my top 5 in hopes that it may support others before the going gets tough on the road. So here we have it!

The 5 biggest lessons from going full time home to full time motorhome on the road!

No 1: Expect the unexpected, there are so many things that can go wrong, I have had my key not work, leaking walls, hot water not work (and still doesn’t) grey water not draining, fridge not cooling, stove not heating, diesel heater stop working, the list goes on. I thought I was prepared for the unexpected to deal with them as they arose however there were just so many issues at once.

No 2:

Always have a plan B regardless, whether this is for heating, cooling, cooking, extra food, somewhere you can stay, savings to fall back on for repairs and maintenance, power to charge your phone for emergencies.

No 3:

Give yourself plenty of time to learn, and when you think you have learnt enough, give yourself more time. There is just so much to know when going full time on the road. This is your whole house and car package. When we purchase a car or home there is lots to know so it’s no different when purchasing a motorhome. Ask family and friends for advice and get onto do your research. YouTube, online forums, Facebook groups and google are your friends.

No 4:

Make sure you self-care, moving is a stressful time and its super easy to lose ourselves during this transition period. Try and get a little time to check in with self and breathe, know who your support people are, eat well and try to get the sleep you need.

No 5:

Relax and enjoy the ride, there are so many beautiful wonders in life and being on the open road gives such a great opportunity to take advantage of that. Relax, enjoy and live for the moment.

PS upon reflection I decided to vlog about our journey and the open road one week and the alternate week I would vlog about self-care and Earth Based Mindfulness.

I hope you can join us next week for our Vlog:

The most important aspect of self-care.


Kalypso &



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