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Ready to step up, discover your authentic self and live FREE TO BE ME?

Are you stuck in old patterns, tired of doing the same thing, feeling the same way, getting the same results?

I have a 6-week wellness program to help you :

  • Release the energy cycle that holds you back

  • Rediscover the beautiful essence that lives within

  • Relive your life with purpose, power, and passion

In this free to be me program, you will receive six weeks of intensive training via our exclusive FB group. Each week, I will take you through live shares showing you how to use the tools to shift those unwanted patterns and start creating the life you only ever dreamt of. Each day you will receive added tools to help you transition and a weekly tribe D&M video call where we can share our journey together. This is a magical journey using altars and rituals. You will have loads of opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and into your authentic self safely.

Are you ready to step up, discover who you are and live a life of freedom and passion?

Free to be me is unlearning the programming you were taught throughout life

Free to be me is re-learning who you are and what you have come to this earth for

Free to be me is a magical process of self-discovery, of opening up the heart space and learning to love life in a new way


I was burnt out with nothing left

My name is Tamsun and I live on the road in Kalypso my motorhome with Kali my familiar. I created this FREE TO BE ME program as I saw there were so many beautiful women not feeling safe enough to discover themselves, express who they were and live their life with power and passion.

This was my story too, I didn’t know who I was, how to access this or how to express myself and I definitely didn’t feel a sense of freedom. I was working in a system I felt wasn’t designed to support those who needed it most and I was going around in circles.

I knew life wasn’t meant to be like this, feeling bogged down not able to breathe. I had this innate desire to get to know who I was on a deeper level, to feel free and connect to my higher calling.

I felt like I had given so much in life but was burnt out physically, emotionally, mentally and I was disconnected spiritually. I knew I couldn’t go backwards and couldn’t stay where I was, I needed to transition through the discomfort, do things I had never done before and let me tell you, it was completely out of my comfort zone.

In my spare time, I would relearn and embody the teaching I had learnt over the years and here I

started a series of transformations. The biggest was my mindset. This wasn’t an easy process, it took time, patience, hard work and dedication. I lived in what seemed to be constant discomfort but then all of a sudden here I was, feeling free to be me. Not ashamed, not unworthy, not unlovable.


I had stepped into my authentic self and wasn’t afraid to show it. I was telling the world I had arrived.

All of a sudden I could see the steps that led me to here, clear as day which I couldn’t see when I was climbing because It was too foggy. By continuing to climb amongst the tired haziness, I created a life I had never dreamt possible and more importantly, I learnt that I was worthy of creation.  

If you're done

Feeling like there’s way too much baggage to carry alone
Not knowing how to transition through life’s current downfalls
Wandering aimlessly with no clear direction
Lacking passion, drive and motivation
Feeling isolated, like you don’t belong to a tribe

Stressed Woman
I have run programs with just a snippet of the content in the free to be me program and it has had life transformational benefits.
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The blue pill, red pill or the cold hard truth?

Drs want to give you the blue pill, the quick fix, the band-aid which doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Others give you the promise that their red pill will take all your problems away. What they both don’t give you is the cold hard truth. Real change comes from unlearning a lifetime of programming, and reprograming yourself to design the life you want from within. This stuff I have learnt hasn’t been taught in schools, you know why? Because it won’t make money from you being healthy. I am here to tell you that both pills are just the placebo effect, you already have what you need within, you just haven’t discovered it yet. You can make the changes you wish to see and I have a program that will show you the way. I, unlike others, don’t want you to come back, I want you to realise your own potential and reduce the reliance on external sources which cost you more money, more time, and more energy.  

Image by ANIRUDH
Image by ANIRUDH

When you join the tribe for the free to be me program you will :


Feel such a relief finally letting go of all that baggage you’ve been carrying around for so long

Have the courage to express who you are in your sovereignty

Discover what lights you up, allows you to feel free and live your days with passion

Connect with likeminded women and find a deep sense of belonging


Cream Minimalist Thank You For Coming greeting card Instagram Post.png

When saying yes to the free to be me program you will have the structure, support and guidance needed to help you achieve your wildest dreams.

What's the big goss on the program? 

The training I have attended over the years has cost well over $20000. I have picked out the most valuable pieces so you don’t have to pay the big bucks to learn it all. You can just take what you need to gain the benefits and it will be laid out perfectly for you.


You could pay thousands in training to learn the stuff that I’m going to teach you but why pay that when you can get this program for less than the cost of a few coaching sessions.


  • 12 x live training sessions - $900 

  • 6 x tribe D&M video calls - $720

  • Group encouragement and support - Invaluable

  • 1.1 support if needed - $120

  • Daily updates with real time extra support – My gift

  • Bonus magical activities designed for you to step outside of your comfort zone

  • New added offer: The free to be me experience also comes with a free to be me guide so you can continue your magical journey when the program finishes. 

This is seriously some high-quality content available to you with a value of over $1500 and I am offering to you for only $550.


Early early bird price $330, early bird price $440 

The program will have a maximum of 6-8 members per group, this ensures the group is small and intimate so I can give my 100% focus and attention in supporting you to fly free. 

I believe wholeheartedly that the program I have on offer can completely transform your life. I believe this so much so I am giving a money back guarantee. If you don’t start seeing results by the end of week one you will get your money back.

Yes, I want to lock in this special early bird price and become part of the tribe.

I’m ready to live my best life and live free to be me. 

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