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The 5 big reasons motorhome living is absolutely amazing

Welcome back Earth Tribe!

This week I talk about the top 5 reasons why you should go from full time home to full time motorhome on the road (if that's you're vibe) with a Destination Sacred Grounds update thrown in for good measure.

You can check out the YouTube vlog here:

So here's a little bit about how we've been travelling:

Kalypso has had more repairs, travelling seems almost second nature to Kali and I have started to get into a good routine, where I know where I need to be, what I need to be doing and I’m slowly balancing the work/play/just be time. I’m even getting to know how long my water lasts, when my toilet needs emptying and how many amps per hour I need for the day. Woohoo! Win!

Kali has allowed me to put the lead on her without too much opposition however her first experience out walking wasn’t the greatest. She was scared by a loud noise, got loose from her lead and ran off. Luckily, we were visiting family and she made the mad dash for the porch. I have put her on the lead again whilst hovering over her for a short time however looking for some more safety options/cat proof harnesses. I have hit up some other kitty carers to get advice so still just sifting through options regarding other harnesses and ideas.

We stayed in some colder places on the outskirts of Sydney just recently (Wiradjuri Lands) and got our first glimpses of sleet however had to move on as our diesel heater wasn’t working nor could the generator power Kalypso whilst it was raining and Kali’s warm little cubby houses weren’t quiet keeping us both warm enough so we took off again on the open road to The Blue Mountains (Dharug lands.)

It’s funny since being on the road for a month and a half I hadn’t actually seen many other motorhomes until this past week. There seems to be many now and I have started giving them a wave when I come across them, (like I do the nod with motorbikes when I’m riding). I met my first motorhome buddy on this recent stay who helped me with my generator. We had a great old chat and it was a really nice experience hearing his story and some of his tips for such a newby like myself. I look forward to meeting more happy neighbor campers on the road!

So, here’s a bit of motorhome madness info for your day!

The top 5 top reasons why motor homing is just amazing!

1. Connection and exploration

We have some of the most amazing places here in Australia and being on the open road gives loads of opportunity to connect and explore the lands. I hope to show you the beauty on my YouTube channel as I vlog each week from the road.

2. Freedom

This is truly a freeing experience to step outside the norms of society, the hustle and bustle and live a nomadic lifestyle where you can move from place to place.

3. Peace and serenity

As an introvert I like the peace and quiet that comes with but you don’t need to be an introvert, getting back to nature is super important for everyone.

4. Live minimally

If you’re a bit of a minimalist it can be super cheap to live. Power comes from the sun; accommodation can be free and when you’re a lover of the earth that is your entertainment. From bush walks to bird watching to swimming or meditation there’s something for all to do.

5. Everything you need is with you

Now I know that there have been many issues with the motorhome since going on the road however the motorhome lay out with the cab in front and home in the back allows me to have everything at my fingertips.

Stay tuned for next week’s Self-Care vlog on 'The next thing needed for self-care is……'


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