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  The Weary Traveller

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Meditation Preparation


Find a comfortable, quiet space

Inform others in the household (if any) you will be busy for the next 20 minutes or so

Turn off phone/electrical items such as tv/radio etc

Light a candle/incense if that is your preference and if safe to do so

Ensure you have comfortable, loose clothing on

Ensure the back is straight and aligned with the neck

Hold the intention to completely give yourself/your time to the process of meditation


White Sand and Stone
Meditation in nature

Thought awareness

This meditation practise is designed to bring your awareness not only to the thoughts you have but to train the mind to catch unhelpful thoughts as well 

Thought Awareness
00:00 / 08:32
Cat Lying

Body Scan

This meditation practise is designed for you to tune into what is happening in your body, develop a deeper relationship with self so you can start to recognise what it needs and take action.

Body Awareness
00:00 / 09:11
Flying Bird
Holding Hands

Heart Connection

This meditation practise is designed for you to sit into the heart space, connect and feel without needing to change anything, with complete acceptance.

Heart Connection
00:00 / 10:02
Flying Bird

Earth and Sky

This meditation practise is a grounding technique that allows you to connect to earth and sky energy. It is designed to bring about balance and harmony 

Earth and Sky
00:00 / 10:50


Meditation Preparation


If you would like to delve a little more into meditation I offer monthly mindfulness meditations. 


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