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Have you learnt to live life in fear, like you've not been able to express your true and authentic self or maybe you haven’t tapped into that deep soul of yours just yet? 

There are so many reasons why we don't live our lives fully but I am here to tell you that whatever you may be going through right now, you can live free, aligned with your true calling and live a life of passion.

Women living van life in Australia

TamSun's mission is to inspire and empower you to tap into your authentic self and live life freely with passion. 


My struggle was real 

Growing up in a low socio-economic area where the system only worked for those who knew how to use it didn’t appeal to me.

Struggling in my own life with trauma, abuse, addiction, mental health and more, I didn’t realize that I could live in the world, not of it so I started taking a holistic approach to my own personal growth.


I recognized the training I had learnt over the years such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Pagan Witch Camps, Tantra, Holistic Counselling and Complimentary diplomas wasn’t something that was taught in schools and definitely wasn’t available to those who needed it the most!


In 2018 after doing the same thing each day, feeling the same way, getting the same results, I decided to make some serious changes! 

I had to go through a series of transformations. The biggest, my mindset and I can tell you this wasn’t an easy process, it took time and patience, hard work and dedication.

I lived in what seemed to be constant discomfort but then all of a sudden here I was, feeling free to be me. Not ashamed, not unworthy, not unlovable. I had stepped into my authentic self and wasn’t afraid to show it.


I left an industry I had been working in for 20 years, the home soon after followed and I started to live my van lifestyle dream.​

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Now here I am living AUTHENTICALLY IN MY OWN SOVEREIGNTY and I'm here to show you how you can  STEP INTO YOUR OWN DIVINE SOURCE and do the same. 

Join Wellness programs, meditation retreats, online mindfulness workshops and so much more! 

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