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The Rice Experiment (Are we making ourselves sick?)

Welcome back Earth Based Tribe and to any new subscribers, a warm welcome to you!

This past week we have been rained in and Kalypso has had yet another leak so it’s back in the shop for her. For those of you who are new to our blog, one week is designed for motorhome living and the alternate week is a self-care blog from on the road.

So, in saying this I have something pretty cool to share this week which myself and a lovely lady by the name of Jess have been involved in and that is The Rice Experiment which was motivated by the amazing work of Dr Masaru Emoto.

Dr Emoto a scientist from Japan had explored the consciousness of water to see if the molecular structure of water changed with thoughts, intentions, words and sound. He conducted this experiment by separating the same body of water into different glasses and then proceeded to give one glass of water positive thoughts and the other negative thoughts and the results were truly fascinating!

Upon completion of his experiment it showed that with the attention of different thought form the molecules did in fact change the molecular structure. This was done through the process of freezing as it was much easier to see how they changed as they crystalized. Thoughts of positivity given to the jar marked positive were beautifully well structured, bright and clear and thoughts of negativity directed at the negative water jar were dark in coloration, murky and not formed quite as well.

Given that humans are made up of approximately 75% water as is the earth and when you consider that we can have up to 80,000 thoughts per day this can have detrimental effects if we are using negative thoughts and words. And if we take it a step further it can not only affect our own consciousness but also the human consciousness overall.

So, the big question here is what thoughts do you think about yourself and your environment? Do you have loving thoughts about yourself and others, maybe negative or perhaps it’s both. When I look at this experiment the questions clearly come to mind about how this affects my own body when engaging in negative thoughts.

Check out the vlog to see the results!

Don’t just take our word for it, why don’t you conduct your own experiment to see if thoughts, words, sound and intentions can in fact change water structure and in turn change the structure of our very existence?

What you will need:

  • Enough cooked rice to place in three air tight jars

  • A human to give thoughts to each of these jars of rice daily (a couple of minutes per day should suffice)

  • For the rice you are giving loving thoughts – think loving thoughts and project this into the jar of rice i.e. I love you, you are beautiful, I appreciate you etc.

  • For the rice you are giving hateful thoughts – I hate you, you are not worthy, you are ugly etc.

  • For the rice of no attention - you pay no attention at all

  • Keep the jars in separate spaces – i.e. not too close together

  • Monitor daily to see where mold starts to form and note down your results

There is so much more to be learnt from this experiment and I can do no justice here with Dr Emotos teachings so click on the link to find out more here:

“By giving the water in our bodies the necessary attention, we honor the water of the Earth, too, because everything is connected.” Dr. Masaru Emoto

Just for today: What thoughts will you think about? What words will you choose? What sounds will you surround yourself around?

Stay tuned for next weeks Motorhome Vlog!


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