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RV Rainy Day Out (will we make it?)

Its Motorhome vlog week and I had planned to show you some great sites here in NSW on a day out with my Son and Daughter in law, however as many know when living on the road plans don’t always go the way you want them to.

After speaking to a few people, I realized that taking Kalypso up around the bends of Jenolan Caves around peak time was not a good idea. We then planned to go to the Blue Mountains for some site seeing, a hike and lunch however we had heavy rains and Kalypso had started leaking throughout. When we finally got on the road the day after we had planned on going it was so foggy and rainy that we couldn’t do the sightseeing we had anticipated nor could we get great footage to show you.

So, todays motorhome vlog is a combination of the realities of RV rain life with added snippets of our day out in the Blue Mountains.

Click here to check it out!

Thanks for sharing a little bit of our journey!


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