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Easily Distracted? (Here's what we need to know)

In the depths of deep awareness lies the path to self-care!

As we enter into a new magical piece of time, I hear the words awareness, presence, stillness and I know that a self-care vlog needs to be dedicated to this area as without this how do we know we need self-care in the first place.

When we feel we are too busy or are bogged down by our many problems it’s easier to distract, to be completely unaware, however we miss the golden opportunities. Within awareness lies keys not only to great growth but also to great happiness.

For many of you as well as myself, it has been easy to indulge in the countless distractions that is available to us within society. From consumerism to social media, the system is designed to control our lives so that we fit into their ideal world and many of us bow. We bow down to this structure because we have been programmed to do so and failure to not comply would leave us feeling destitute outside of this system.

Unfortunately, many of us have felt this way regardless as we weren’t all meant to fit into a society designed to confine us. We have been programmed to rely on this structure and have become almost powerless in the process of doing so. The answers to life now come from google or YouTube (not saying that these aren’t amazing tools for us to use) however many of the deeper answer we seek are already within.

Addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, porn and social media continue to rise as many want the quick fix, the blue pill that will take us away from our problems, only to realize that we’re running up that hill leading to an even harder road. It is when we stop, become aware, turn inward that we gain insight allowing us to access a life that we could only possibly dream of. Not saying that this is an easy road either. It takes hard work and dedication to sit through our own shit, to be aware of the feelings and thoughts that arise within without turning to a distraction, but the results in doing so are endless.

What I’m talking about here is the practice of mindfulness, sitting with the present moment, be it a walk in the park or recognizing the thoughts that arise. In doing so the benefits are endless with anything from a calm and clear mind, improved memory and concentration, and the big one, a reduction in stress and anxiety which is one of the biggest causes of health issues.

Within the link below you will not only find this vlog however also a short mindfulness activity at 3 mins in.

Just to further add: The practice of mindfulness isn't just sitting in meditation, mindfulness can be done anywhere, anytime weather that be whilst your going about your daily routines and chores or whilst your in the midst of conflict. Its about being aware of yourself in the moment weather that be if in a relaxed environment or a stressful one. Tuning in to the emotions you have, recognizing what thoughts arise and using your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste & touch) to connect to the present moment with what you have right here and right now.

Stay tuned for our Motorhome Vlog next week:


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