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Most Important aspect of self-care!

The most important aspect to self-care!

Some call it the pathway of enlightenment, or the road to recovery and perhaps one that I resonate with is earth school. We all take this journey in life and self-care is a huge component to our self-development but what happens when there’s a disconnect to our own health and wellbeing and what if we aren’t even aware of what’s causing it? Life can be busy and there are many distractions causing even further obstruction to our personal growth.

The term self-care is thrown around a lot by many, myself included. But what is it really? There are many interpretations of the meaning and my perception may differ from yours however I believe that ‘Self-care is action needing to be taken by self to support our overall health and wellbeing’. In a nutshell self-care could be anything from the physical aspect of a balanced diet and exercise regime to unpacking built up emotions or observing our thoughts and deciphering the negative self-talk to sitting in meditation as a spiritual practice.

So today I wanted to raise what I believe is one of the most important aspects of self-care and that is safety. To feel safe on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Why is it that many of us feel unsafe in the first place?

We may have experienced forms of violence or abuse, rejection, criticism and ridicule, or perhaps been disconnected from family, friends or even society. Not feeling like we fit in or belong to a tribe is something that I have heard countless times and also experienced at length myself. Moving through some of these challenges in life can often feel like a very clouded and misty experience however this too is a part of our journey in earth school and although it doesn’t feel like it at the time, it’s a vital part of our growth and what we need in order to move and transition into another phase of our life.

How does one start to feel safe?

· Sometimes it’s moving away from our roots, swimming upstream and diving deep to unpack our childhood values and beliefs in order to rise above and create new ones.

· Its recognizing the vastness of our own emotions, feeling into these emotions and knowing we’re going to be ok whether we are overflowing or just releasing a little at a time.

· Its standing tall and strong to speak our boundaries even when our voice shakes to ensure our own personal safety is met.

· It’s taking a good look at our own reflection, being okay with who we are both perfections and imperfections and taking a personal inventory to make improvements where needed.

· Its surrounding ourselves with a tribe who don’t ridicule or condemn us but hold space and support us in our open and vulnerability states.

· It’s getting to know ourselves on a deep and profound level, to know what makes us tick, what makes us feel alive, as well as delving into our darkness and our light

· It is creating an environment of safety where we can just be ourselves as we are.

· Self-care is becoming self-aware and recognizing what actions we need for an overall balanced health and wellbeing.

Last but definitely not least, It’s knowing that you matter, that your worth it because YOU’VE GOT THIS!

PS Stay tuned for next week to see what’s been happening with life on the road!


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