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A Day in the Life (morning routines on the road)

Each day a new beginning, a new hope and a new opportunity to live this life according to my own dreams away from society’s expectations and norms.

Today I share with you our morning and how we go about these mornings on the road in Kalypso.

My days vary depending on location and the requirements needed to sustain me however mornings are mostly started the same which focuses on my self-care.

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I wake up and recognize that I am in fact in Kalypso, I am warm, safe and sound. I hear the birds chant their good mornings so Kali and I look out our window to see the nature landscapes of Australia and I smile, I know I am where I need to be.

I stretch and get up, a quick check of the battery and gas to ensure I’m good to go for coffee time. (which I normally am)

Kali is active, she runs the length of Kalypso jumping up and down on items, flicking her water out of the bowl and watching it fall to the floor. She entertains me with her beautiful and fun-loving nature.

I make my pot of coffee and I either journal or enter the realms of social media (for work and play), however not for too long as I know that social media/screen time has detrimental effects and I believe this has progressively worsened as I have become more sensitive over the years.

After sitting with screen time, I feel how my body needs to move so I exercise. Its normally a walk or a hike in the beautiful spaces I visit however when visiting family for one night each week I utilize their space to do a full body work out.

Coming back to Kalypso I do a quick clean-up and let’s face it, there’s not much mess within this little space so it doesn’t take long.

My wash up is either at a public shower, family’s house when in Sydney for the night or in Kalypso. However, as I only have very cool water, I only shower in Kalypso when its hot and opt for wash downs in the cooler weather to stay warm.

Its breakfast time and I make a healthy kale shake which is pretty much my breakfast each morning. It seems to sustain me quite well over the entire morning. My blender is plugged into my invertor which converts DC power to AC. Great invention!

Then I grab another coffee and get stuck into some work/creation. If out free camping which I normally am, I’m working on my business. This might be crafting content, organizing workshops and course material, marketing (ewww), admin, accounting etc and if I’m in Sydney then I am doing support work which is time spent I really enjoy.

Throughout the morning there is loved shared to and from Kali which honestly brings me so much joy!

By this time, it’s usually about time for lunch and my lunch is usually another healthy type meal weather that’s a cooked up vegan meal on the burner or some rice cakes with salads etc.

Living on the road and getting into a healthy routine was a challenge at first however hitting the two months mark I’m really feeling into living on the road and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have any questions relating to on the road life, hit us up and I will do my best to answer!

Thank you for your presence!

I look forward to bringing you a self care blog next week from on the road.


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