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A Day In The Life (afternoon routine on the road)

Considering the last motorhome vlog two weeks ago was 'A Day in the Life' with our morning routine, I thought I better finish it off by adding in the afternoon routine.

Click here for the YouTube Vlog:

Weather we are driving to a new destination, parked up in a sweet free camp or even working face to face connecting with important people, I always make sure I have a good lunch. My afternoons are then spent working on my businesses 'Destination Sacred Grounds' doing anything from administration to advertising to producing content or even marketing. If I get time, I also like to get small repairs done around Kalypso as there can often be many minor things that need my attention.

I have recently added in more relaxation to my afternoon structure which has been going well. As mindfulness has been a regular morning practice for me for sometime, afternoons are a little more chill with a relaxation or guided meditation.

I usually get another small walk in practicing some earth based mindfulness to move the body around after sitting for some time which allows me not only work on the physical body but also mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self.

I usually cook dinner inside however do cook outside at times. As it starts to warm I'm sure I will find myself cooking outside more often as Kalypso is going to heat up quickly in the summer time. I will also not be tending to any fires during the warmer season. A quick clean up, a sweet treat for myself watching/reading/listening to something inspiring. In bed I often reflect on my day that has just gone by then have story time and loving connections with Kali. She just loves a good story and pat before sleep.

Then it's journey's into the subconscious dream land!

Stay tuned for next weeks Self-Care Vlog.


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