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9 Months on the Road (Solo Female Van Life Australia)

As I come into 9 months on the road I realize its a time to bring it all in for an in-depth look to see if this is still the lifestyle for me.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to live nine months on the road as a full time solo traveler here in Australia this blog might just be for you.

When starting my new journey nine months ago I didn’t have major expectations on what living full time on the road would be like however I didn’t expect to have as many difficulties as I had. I reflect on my first three months, having no idea how to live in a motorhome or how everything worked. This combined with starting my own new business made things seem like absolute chaos. By the six month mark I didn't think I would make it another month. I recall problem after problem and didn’t understand how to fix these things with such limited knowledge. Feelings of frustration was the norm on a daily basis and I needed to keep utilizing all of my magical self care strategies to keep cool, calm and collected. This combined with my trust in the universe, drive and support from Family/friends/online networks allowed me to be in a space of ok-ness and continue on.

Whilst there are many challenges within this lifestyle for me, its not always like this. I tap into such joy and bliss each day by simply just being, just living and connecting with my environment. I don't have to pay someone, or buy something to get this, this joy comes from driving through new scenery, watching the sun rise or listening to bird song and it is a joy like none other.

Moving forward nine months I still have that same joy that arises within but I recognize that its more so when I'm out of Sydney and into secluded lands. Things have definitely calmed within Kalypso, including myself. I recognize that these challenges will continue to present and I except that this is a part of van/motorhome/RV life. Rather than going against the grain I now accept what is and that everything will just work out the way it needs to. I now feel a sense of home when we venture into vast lands. I don't need a sticks and bricks house to live my life. Being amongst nature and having access to food sources, water and power is enough for me.

Kali has settled over this time and Kalypso is her home. Although she doesn't like the drives she loves the beautiful spaces in which we frequent.

I look back and recall thinking that it takes about 3-4 months to get used to this lifestyle. At 6 months I thought I really had it sorted but now 9 months in I'm feeling much more at ease and welcome this lifestyle with open arms. Maybe in another 3 months it may be different. Only time will tell.


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