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I would like to thanks Tamsun’s Holistic Pathways, this course has taken my on an amazing journey and has helped me identify issues within myself, reflect and has given me the tools and information that I have needed to overcome  these issues. The amount of support I have received from Tamsun is outstanding. Always contactable and ready to assist. I highly recommend Tamsun and this course. Tamsun you are an absolute gem.

Christine Hibbert 

I have been able to implement the techniques learnt from the online Self-Care course in everyday life to help de-stress. I now notice when I need to take a step back and re evaluate the path I’m on.

I liked the “no pressure, do when its convenient” type of approach.

You are encouraged to complete in your own time, its not designed to add extra stress to an already stressful life.

Jess Jones 

I have attended meditation sessions with Tamsun, the experience was amazing and enabled me to connect with my spirituality at a time when I was feeling almost to the point of giving up.

Tamsun meditation has also been beneficial towards my mental and emotional healing.

I look forward to joining Tamsun in the future to take part of a amazing journey experience once all has settle down.

Rosaria Raco

Tamsun creates and holds a beautifully supportive space for group work. I particularly love her meditation classes and found them to be healing and helpful in these changeable times. Tamsuns innate connection and respect for nature is weaved into her work with loving understanding and compassion. I feel safe and comfortable with Tamsun and appreciate the peace and grounding she embodies and shares. 

Jessica Greenland 

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