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A Sacred Community where Learning, Connection & Growth coexists



Within this online Patreon community my aim is to empower you to be all that you dream of being, to provide the connection, nurture and growth through a series of personal growth tools. Self growth tools that have allowed me to be the person I am today. 

I'm particularly excited to be bringing you THE RED ROOM, a sacred community where learning, community and growth co-exist.

If you haven't yet delved deep within your own practices to discover your divine self and recognize how worthy you are of creating a life filled with passion and drive, THE RED ROOM may just be for you. Within each monthly session we will start to shift the barriers which prevent you from living fully. 

Some of the topics I will cover in THE RED ROOM are: Tantra, Crystal therapies, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Energy Healing, Holistic Living, Rituals, Sound Healing, Earth Based Mindfulness, Chakras, Life Story Work, Colour Therapy, Developing Psychic Senses, Creating a life you are destined to live and loads more in the magical box to uncover.


The Tiers

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