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(for Staff working in the Community Services Sector)


As Community Support Staff, we know what it is to support our clients, we do this day in and day out, but do we really ensure that our own needs are met? Do we take the time (what time we do have) to ensure we are balanced, healthy and feeling empowered to embrace each day.

If your answer is no, I have something incredible designed just for you.

A personal development course for Staff working in the realms of Community Services to look at current ways of managing health and well being and introduce new methods to support a healthier body, mind, emotion and spirit.


Within these session/s we embark on a tour through self-awareness and re connection to work through a personalized holistic self-care plan for participants to use within their professional/personal practice. A holistic approach to healing and balance taking forms from art therapy, Neuro -Linguistic Programming, Meditation, Holistic Counselling practices, and many other modalities to support managing your day to day work and personal lives.

Through self-enquiry we embrace body, mind, emotion and spirit whilst releasing some of the gunk we no longer need. 

Self-Care Courses/Workshops


Online six week course for individuals via Moodle (online education program)

This online learning platform for individuals is packed with readings, activities and videos to create a personalized and therapeutic way of distance learning. Here you will have opportunity to go through the learning at your leisure over the course of each week with email support if required.

Course cost $199

Tamsun also offers an individualized mentoring to support Staff through work related stress in addition to this online course. 


Tamsun offers face to face Self-Care workshops for Government and Non Government Organisations.

If this is something that may benefit your Staff, Tamsun will work with you on a tailored Self-Care program to suit you and your Staffing needs. 

journalling self-care activity
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