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Sacred Grounds Retreats 

Sacred Grounds Retreats offers a completely unique experience which brings together Tamsuns wild eclectic workings of Self-Care, Personal Growth and Earth Based Mindfulness (EBM). The retreat experience offers small and intimate gatherings, all in the wonderful elements of nature.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, constantly being pulled from one direction to another, we sometimes forget who we are and our connection to the earth. Stuck in a cycle of societal norms that don’t fit with the nature of our very existence, we lose sight of our individual needs and with it the peace we so long for.  

So how do we reconnect in a society that is designed to keep us distracted and out of touch with self?

Well, the answers you seek may just be right under your feet. 

You decide that you are worthy, deserving of love and you take action on reconnecting with self and others in community. You become present and engage in stories to encourage, inspire and empower one another whilst connecting to the sacredness of the earth and with it the foundations in which we all thrive.

You make the call to the wild and take the journey of ‘Destination Sacred Grounds’.

Is Sacred Grounds Retreats for you? It certainly is if:

You are run off your feet, giving to others

You’ve forgotten what self-care is

You’re stuck in a ‘where to from here’ mode in life

You have lost the passion, motivation and drive you once had

You have yet to gain the self-love that is your birth right

You just need a reset


(A maximum of 5 people per retreat)


Other packages available for:

Corporate events



Mother’s Day retreats


What’s on offer during Sacred Grounds Retreats?

Community cooking (vegan/vegetarian meals)

Walks in nature

Stories around the camp fire (when in season)

Fun, be prepared to engage in some serious belly laughing

Deep connection to others who share the same needs and wants as you

Daily programs which include:

Earth Based Mindfulness

Therapeutic and healing activities

Loads of self-care shenanigans

Meditation and more

(All activities aim to raise awareness, empower and encourage you to tap back into your own wisdom, love and power.)

How to get there?

You are picked up by Tamsun and Kali from one central location and taken into the wild to your Destination Sacred Grounds location. The journey is the Destination so the shenanigans start as soon as you get picked up! 

Tamsun and Kali drop you back off at your meet up spot ready to take on the world in a new light with the reminder that you are powerful beyond measure and to reconnect with nature each time you need that boost.  


How much does it cost?

That will depend on your activities however there will be many ways to reduce costs to make it affordable so Contact Tamsun to discuss a suitable package for your needs.  


Where are the retreats held?

There are many options depending on where you live and how far you want to travel. However, there are some things to keep in mind when deciding which retreat is right for you.

Full amenities/Limited amenities/No amenities

Location of Sea/River/Bush


Travel to Warmer/Cooler areas

What do I need?

Main meals are provided (vegetarian/vegan) however if you would like to bring other foods/snacks/dietary requirements that is fine

An open mind and an open-heart





This is not just your average camp out, this retreat is packed full of healing, shenanigans and empowerment. If you have been searching for that something in your life, a Destination Sacred Grounds Retreat may just be it!

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