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The Mindfulness Series - Sound Awareness

The Mindfulness Series – Sound awareness

Here we are in session four already, time has gone so quickly. In the last Self Care blog, I took you through a body scan meditation as well as put out a quest for you to sit and practice the body scan each day over the course of two weeks. If you took part in this, I congratulate you on your amazing efforts. Patience is a great quality gained from the practice of mindfulness and with regular practice you will sure to gain this!

Today we will be focusing on sound awareness. The aim within this session is to tune in and listen to the sounds around you with your whole hearted attention. Not only you’re your ears but your whole body. Too often we don’t actually tune in to all of the sounds around us, only focusing on a few sounds that grab our attention. I recall when starting a regular practice of mindfulness that I walked outside and heard the birds sing so beautiful, loud and chirpy. I don’t think I had ever before heard the birds sing as they had that day. My mind opened and became spacious, my heart sang and my body came alive as I felt into such beauty. I recognized that so many people like myself walk around not hearing the world in all its glory. When listening intently with sound awareness, you may just find that you open yourself up to a world of more wonders.

Here is the meditation preparation if you missed it last week.

Before we get stuck straight into the meditation there are some handy hints to take you through first.

Inform others in the household (if any) you will be busy for the next 10 minutes or so

Turn off phone/electrical items such as tv/radio etc (As you get used to the practice of mindfulness it’s a good idea to start the least distractions possible.)

Find a comfortable, quiet space, ensure you have taken care of bodily distractions ie drank a little water, used the bathroom etc

Loosen any tight clothing so you are comfortable

Now to prepare your body for the practice

Everyone has different needs and what is right for one person may not be right for another.

The first method which really supports the back is by sitting in a chair with a backing, back straight, feet planted evenly on the floor, head is in alignment with the spine


Be seated on the floor with a cushion/meditation chair/large rolled up towels (ensuring that your buttocks is higher than hips which allows your back to be supported)


Lie down on the floor with a cushion under your neck and under your knees if you have any back problems.

If cool, wrap a blanket over yourself and make sure you are comfortable

Here are some things to keep in mind after the meditation.

After meditation

Have a drink of water

Journal your experience. You might like to add how you felt before, during and after the meditation practice.

Slowly transition back into daily routines

The Quest

The next quest I have for you is to set aside a little time each day, 30 seconds or 30 minutes. How long you decide to meditate will depend on how much time you have available. 5-10 minutes is a great start. Dedicate a space and time in which you can sit and listen intently to the sounds around you. The space you choose will be dependent on you however when just beginning your journey with meditation it is often better to choose an environment with less distraction that is more calming. A nice quit spot in the park with some birds or a beach with the waves crashing in the background or even a space within your home with the TV/radio off etc. As you move along in a regular meditation practice the distractions of people talking, cars in the background etc become a great method which only deepens the practice.

Again, remember that thoughts will also continue to come and go and that’s perfectly ok. The aim is to not push these thoughts away, the aim is to allow them to be in the background without being drawn into each and every thought that we have.

If you choose to journal your experience, you will have questions which is great!

Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you may have and I can try and answer these in the following vlog.

Yours in presence,



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