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Sydney to Perth (sole female travel Australia) Part 1

We are at last traveling across the Country side and taking you on our journey. This vlog link shows some of the free camps we stay at, the sites we see including Broken Hill, the head of bite, crossing the Nullabour and more. It shows the mishaps and lifestyle as a solo female traveler here in Australia.

Check out the timestamps if you have limited time as these will show you exactly where to go within the video.

0:00 Intro 0:26 Ponto Falls 3:05 Mishap 1 Leak 3:29 Mishap 2 Getting bogged! 3:56 Cobar 5:15 Broken Hill 7:57 Mishap 3 Kalypso gets air and is damaged! 8:40 Mishap 4 What happened to my side mirror? 9:16 Peterborough 9:38 Mishap 5 What happened to my cupboard? 9:58 Magic old red gum tree 10:24 Port Augusta 11:00 Kimba 15:20 Head of Bite 18:00 Crossing the border 18:43 Mishap 6 Will I make it to the next service station?

Thank you to everyone who shared information, places and resources on this journey. It is truly appreciated!

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Here is some information on the Maralinga nuclear testing site (which I mention) and the detrimental effects:

Please note that video footage was taken on Wirudjuri, Wongaibon, Barkindji, Danggali, Wiljaali, Nogojiwanong, Nukunu, Banggarla, Wirangu, Mirning Lands and/or owned by First Nations People and was done with the deepest respect.


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