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Stranded in a heatwave (RV Living)

So, if you live in Australia you probably know that its a very warm place to live in the summer, I currently travel around NSW which isn't the hottest state so in that sense I'm lucky as over the past week or so I had undertaken many challenges within this heatwave,

Parked up at a 48 hr free camp, day two of our stay I attempted to move Kalypso into the shade as we were already entering high temperatures, but alas, Kalypso wouldn't move. It was only the day before that the fans had stopped working and there had been a short circuit within the back area of Kalypso so we didn't have fans to cool us down like usual.

Now I'm not a mechanically minded girl, however will do my best to seek out the problems and troubleshoot the issue, calling out support wherever I can. So I sought out advice, for two days in fact but to no avail. I tried everything from tapping the starter motor to checking all the fuses to checking the wiring. Shout outs to Keith my brother in law for his support and not to mention patience whilst I sent msg after msg after msg trying to find answers to Kalypso's lack of movement,

This two days was intense, not only were we (Kali and I) stranded in the heatwave however things were breaking, we were running out of essential supplies and had limited options for help as many mechanics/auto electricians were not open to diagnose Kalypso due to the public holiday and those that were could not assist us.

This Vlog is a personal account as we went along in our struggles each day trying to troubleshoot and work through the issues at hand in the heatwave.

The more I go about this lifestyle the more I recognize the challenges that it brings. However with the challenges also comes appreciation for living this lifestyle. My gratitude runs deep for all that supported me during this time, from my youngest Son brining me fuel to run the generator (lifesaver) to my Partner, eldest Son, Mum, Sisters and so many more!

I thank you all!


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