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Solo Female Van Life Australia (created a what?)

Hey tribe,

I’ve been vlogging/blogging almost a year and a half now (yay go me) but a few weeks ago took some time off to go rogue, reset, realign and remerge. In doing so I felt the call to start a Facebook group: Solo Female Van Life Australia, a space for women to come together in community, let go of fears that hold us back and say yes to a life of authenticity, freedom and passion.

Here’s why.

Growing up in a low socio-economic area where the system only worked for those who knew how to use it didn’t appeal to me. Struggling in my own life with trauma, abuse, addiction, mental health and more, I didn’t realize that I could live in the world, not of it but for many years I made myself uncomfortable learning new ways to get by.

Around two years ago after doing the same thing each and every day getting the same results, feeling the same way I decided to make some serious changes. I left an industry I had been working in for 20 years, the home soon after followed and I started to live my van lifestyle dream.

I had taken a holistic approach to my own personal growth and came to realize that I was worthy of creating a life only ever dreamed of. I also recognized that the stuff I had learnt over the years with different training such as NLP, hypnotherapy, Pagan Witch Camps, Holistic Counselling and Complimentary diplomas wasn’t something that was taught in schools and the biggest part is I definitely recognize it wasn’t available to those who needed it the most!

In the Solo Female Van Life Australia group, I will share my own journey as I navigate this van life FREE OF FEAR & AUTHENTICALLY IN MY OWN SOVERIGHTY and present new ways for YOU TO STEP INTO YOUR OWN DIVINE SOURCE. You don’t have to live van life, just want to create the freedom that it represents. My aim is to empower you, that women screaming to get out and live a life free of fear and live authentically in your own power. From time to time I will put out free challenges, groups and offer other life transformational opportunities.

If this resonates for you or someone you know, join the movement! Come in and take a conscious breath and allow your roots to settle into this sacred space and connect with like-minded tribe.

Just as trees have their own underground communication system let this be our interconnected society of freedom where we LIFT EACH other up and INSPIRE each other to be all that we can be!

Check it out here!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Stay Present

TamSun x


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