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Reconnection in the RV world

Have you felt isolated or disconnected living the RV life or perhaps isolated within your own space? If so, this vlog may just be for you. Within this vlog I will take you step by step through the reconnection process as I take this journey for myself too.

I am an introvert and find solitude deeply satisfying and rewarding and often think I could potentially live as a hermit however within the last month or two I have felt disconnected to other humans. To be honest I have always had that I’m from another planet type of vibe so it doesn’t come as a shock to me that I feel this way but Covid, 7 months living on the road and coming of an age has all played factors in feelings of isolation but I know I'm not alone.

One thing I recognize more than anything whilst living on the road is that if something’s not going right it’s an opportunity presented so I decided to get my shit together and get connected, not only for me but for those of you out there who share similar experiences.

Here’s how to reconnected using a four steps process:

1 List your tribe. This may be family, friends, co-workers, or any important networks you can go to chat with. If you’re a visual person grab some paper and draw yourself, name or a representation of you in the middle and write out the names of your tribe members all around you. Categories your tribe if that works for you. If that’s not for you, you can mentally do this or grab a friend to chat about this a little more. I work with visuals and the time spent creating mindfully with colors and pictures allows further ideas to flow. This process is a good way to recognize how many people we may already have in our lives and if we need to bring more people into our circle.

If you don’t have many or any tribe members then it’s time to find them. There are countless ways to find your tribe.

2. Find your tribe. If your tech savvy there are online communities on social media, groups, forums and other websites where you can share ideas, interests and make friends. What you seek online will depend on your interests. If you like reading look for book club, maybe it’s crochet or cooking where you can chat about different techniques and share your creations. Perhaps you would like to learn how to prepare for life on the road, there’s countless groups and pages to learn from. Whatever your interest I’m sure there will be something for you online. Think about what you like to do in your spare time that bring you joy. Many of the sights will just be an online chat engagement however some also provide events where you can meet up face-to-face.

If you’re a face-to-face type person. Get outside your comfort zone and talk to people, strike up a conversation with your neighbor, the retail assistant, etc. Know your likes and dislikes and find these in others. Find out what’s going on in your local area or the places you are visiting. Gyms, social clubs and the likes and just talking to people will open doors that you didn’t before have. If you have spare time maybe you can volunteer helping community and meeting new people.

There are many ways to find and connect with your tribe. Face book groups, online chats and forums with your particular interests in mind. Google works wonders when finding places to connect with others however here are a couple of sites that also may help.

Plus, there are many Facebook groups, online chat sites and forums such as The Grey Nomads. Google is your best friend to find your tribe.

Then there are services if you’re really feeling isolated or disconnected like lifeline, Mission Australia, beyond blue who provide telephone counselling, information and support. These services exist for a good reason and there should never be shame about accessing support for yourself.

3 Know your tribe. Spend time reaching out, connecting, making conversation, plan a coffee date, write up a post introducing yourself in an online group, start-up conversations and ask questions about others, talk about your passions and find these in others. Try and get outside of your comfort zone, this is where the real change happens.

4. A deeper connection. What else gives you those feelings of connection? Personally, I use spirituality as a form of deep connection and when feeling isolated or disconnect I recognize that I am supported and held by something so much greater. I am connected to a source of love and light. Seeing the sunrise and the earth so alive each day and the moon shine each night gives me a sense of belonging I have never felt before. I use meditation, earth based mindfulness and many other magical practices which strengthen my relationship to the divine. For you it may be a walk in nature or swimming on the ocean. It really differs for everybody. Explore activities and deepen your relationship with the ones that bring you a sense of connection.

Just to quickly note here, these ideas may seem simple but when we are busy or get stuck in a rut it’s easy to get in routine where we do the same things day in and day out and not push our comfort zones.

If you feel disconnected know that you are not alone, I like so many others feel or have felt that disconnect which ultimately forms a deeper connection of its own. Recognize that we are all connected regardless of sex race religion and when we feel in to that connection life is beautiful. We are not alone. We are connected by breath and many by sound sight and sensation. we are connected in love, spirit and in light.


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