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Living Mindfully on the Road (full time RV living)

Welcome back to DSG. I feel like at last, things are back to normal and I now have an uplifting and inspiring motorhome vlog topic. Living mindfully on the road is the 6th and last vlog in the mindfulness series however unlike the other vlogs, this one is related to motorhome living.

Many who have chosen, are planning or dreaming to live the RV/van life, must have had some calling. Be it connection to nature, seclusion, community or maybe freedom. Whatever your calling, I’m sure you would have at times experienced some form of mindfulness along with this calling. So, today I want to take you on an exploration in living this lifestyle as mindful as you can in hopes that it may bring you a little inspiration and a little more joy.

If you’re already in this lifestyle, what was it that drew you in? That moment when you’re experiencing, where thoughts and worries dissipate, you are tuned in to yourself and your surroundings?

And if you aren’t yet in this lifestyle but are planning or dreaming it, what is it that draws you to the lifestyle? Have you experienced some of what this lifestyle entails such as camping or hiking and have you experienced that ever so present moment where everything else fades into the background?

For me, I love to be immersed in nature, it is when I am in these nature-based moments that I become ever so mindful of my environment, I forget about worries and just be in the moment. I love the freedom that I feel when I set off for a new adventure, just experiencing the ride on my journey. I love the seclusion when I have no reception for internet or phone, as too many distractions take me away from who I am and being present with the now.

Obviously, with trials and trepidations faced, it can be a little difficult to be mindful with joy in the heart. During those times such as the last month or so for me I really had to try and use these times to be mindful of myself in the moment. Mindful of my thoughts, my emotions, my reactions and try to watch on as the observer. Doing so really allows one to experience the moment in a more detached state and not get bogged down by the emotional response. However, in saying this, it can be easier said than done in the moment and I definitely had some of those emotional responses.

But not only are there magical moments and turbulence to be present with, there’s also daily tasks perhaps some would call mundane in nature. With ongoing practice of mindfulness during these tasks we can learn to love them just as we love the things, we are more passionate about. From filling up the tank to brushing our teeth being mindful in your day-to-day interactions really supports a happier and healthier way of life.

Some say that meditation and mindfulness is that airy fairy new age kind of stuff however it’s really not so. I spoke to my Father a little while ago about what I do in my personal and work practices. I tried to explain to him that earth based mindfulness (EBM) was a big part of my life. His interpretation of this was I was a hippie who hugged trees. Although I do hug trees, I explained that EBM was exactly what he did each and every day. Tended to his garden eating the fruits from the earth, listening and watching the birds as they went about their daily lives, noticing the temperature, the seasons the changes. The list of his mindfulness practices went on. Not an airy fairy act but an act of living mindfully with the earth here and now.

You have been gifted this life here and now, an opportunity to live fully with the time you have remaining. If you are choosing this lifestyle, I would suggest that it’s a perfect opportunity to live free. Free from so many distractions, free from the hustle and bustle and free from overthinking. Get out into nature and explore the vast lands in which you can travel. Give yourself completely to the moment, each and every moment, be present in your interactions with others. Kali (my familiar) knows if I’m half in with pats and she also knows when I’m giving her my undivided love and attention with each stroke of fur. I feel it, she feels it, she completely thrives with my presence and so will your human people. Tune in and really listen to all that you can hear, look around and see everything as if for the first time in your life, notice the sensations and feel into the body’s aliveness, smell the sweet fragrances and taste the pleasure in life.

When gifting yourself the practice of presence the gift always come back.

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