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Almost 6 months in (are we going to make it)

We have almost hit the six month mark living the RV lifestyle and after the last month I have questioned if we will make it to that timeframe.

In the previous blog I talked about being stranded and in very uncertain times and this past fortnight was not too different. We seemed to meet challenge after challenge and it had become quiet taxing. Not only did Kalypso not having running water, power etc, my capacity to work face to face with clients had ceased and there were so many other challenges that came our way. I felt like I was on a roller coaster and again needed to surrender to the moment in order to just be!

The vlog here goes into some of these details.

This past month or so I have really needed to dig deep into my magical bag of tricks to ensure my own self care was priority but to also continue supporting those around me within my role of Destination Sacred Grounds.

In times of these past struggles, I have in fact questioned if living on the road is for me however that thought floats away when a voice from the deep depths of my subconscious shouts YES!

As a part of my self care practice I have decided to upload one vlog/blog per fortnight instead of two. This will allow me to stay present and in alignment with my highest vibrational self.

Thanks for your presence!


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