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A leap into the unknown

After years doing the same thing getting the same results, I decided to take a launch into the unknown with my faith in the universe and trust in myself.

This is my result, a minimalist and nomadic lifestyle supporting others along my journey.

So, let me introduce you to the team. I’m Tamsun from Tamsuns Holistic Pathways, this is Kali my familiar and this is Kalypso the vehicle in which we travel.

What we offer is Destination Sacred Grounds: Self-care and Earth Based Mindfulness (EBM) courses, Personal Growth sessions and Destination Sacred Grounds retreats where Self-Care and Personal Growth meets EBM out in the wonderful elements of nature.

Our dream is to support you to reduce stress, raise awareness and empower you to tap into your inner wisdom love and power to be all that you dream of being.

Each week I will be uploading a blog post from the road showing you how I got here using self-care and personal growth strategies as well as our journey on the open road. Today we are so very excited to announce we have completed our very first Youtube Vlog and have added this for you to check out at your leisure!

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Next weeks sneak peek review : How I survived the transition of full time job and home to motorhome.


Kalypso &

Kali x


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