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A day in the van life (free camping on a budget)

Firstly as we move into this new timeline I would like to wish you all a safe and present New Year period. I hope this new year time brings you everything you need.

This first blog of the year I decided I would take you through a typical day as we live our lives free camping on a budget. If you seen my other blog living on the road on a budget you will know that I live life on the road pretty cheap. In that vlog I gave a good indicator of how much it cost to live life on the road but I didn’t really take you through a day in the life so here I take you through a typical day living van life.

There are many ways in which we can live cheap and this is mine. I hope it gave you a deeper insight of what it looks like to do van life on a budget.

Stay Safe, Stay Present

TamSun x


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