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4 Months RV Living (the verdict is?)

I was planning on vlogging about some helpful motorhome hints this week however unfortunately my 23 yr. old Son was involved in a motorbike accident so I took a week to care for him and his animals. He is on the mend, just needed a little support with day to day tasks. It was during this time, I started thinking about how long I had been on the road and realized it was already over four months. The time had gone by so fast and I recognized that I probably needed to take a moment to reflect, process and regather myself within this new lifestyle to see if I was still on the right path or if there were changes needed to be made.

So, this blog today is more like a journal to bring it all in, to unpack from the start of my journey up until now. The highs, lows and balancing acts in between. So, if you want to know what four months of on the road travel is like for a newbie like myself, here it is.

I recall taking the plunge after twenty years of service in the community services sector, burning out multiple times and coming to a moment in my life where I could either continue that lifestyle or change it. I knew I could not continue and the only person responsible for my health and wellbeing was me. After some in depth work on myself and listening to a fair bit of Dr Joe Dispenza, I set my new life in action.

When first hitting the road there were many low points. The motorhome I purchased (Kalypso) came with many issues and the dealership I purchased her from did not seem keen to fix these issues. Apart from that I needed to learn as much as I could about motorhomes and the full-time lifestyle whilst in the midst of building a business during Covid. I had little to no experience in motorhomes or businesses so had lots to learn.

There were times I wasn’t sure if this was my pathway however when old thought patterns arose such as ‘”you can’t do this, who do you think you are etc”, I had new thoughts to counteract the old ones, “NO that’s the old way of thinking, you can do this, your motivated, driven and solid” and that’s what I listened to. I constantly continued to renew my sense of trust in self and the universe knowing deep down I had the capacity to drive it home. Even when there were lengthy periods being cooped up inside from the rain with very little power to work or vlog I tried to take on a more positive perspective.

I made loads of mistakes when purchasing Kalypso as well as along the way. I didn’t get a third party to look her over, I had backed into another vehicle, not known why my gas didn’t work when it wasn’t turned on, the list goes on. There were so many things I did in confusion not knowing what on earth I was doing however as time progressed, I learnt more and more about Kalypso and the things I needed to do in order to live comfortably. The initial repairs were eventually completed leaving me more time to learn and work on the business.

What also supported me in this transition especially in the beginning was holding regular self-care practices such as daily mindfulness and meditation. Whether I was out in the landscapes of nature or in a little space of Kalypso, I continued my every day practice, regardless if I wanted to or not.

I believe it took about three months to fully settle into this lifestyle and during this adventure I have had the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, local wildlife and work for myself which has been such a freeing experience. The amount of joy I feel when driving to a new destination, listening to and learning from the land with my undivided attention is a love like no other and I would suggest if this lifestyle appeals to you that you should definitely try it for yourself. There are places you can hire motorhomes from for as little as a few days and there is even the possibility of hiring Kalypso to the right person.

In reflection I feel that this lifestyle fits me so well with the only thing I needing further reflection is the busyness of my working schedule. I recognize being full time on the road and starting your own business actually takes such great work and dedication however this I do not want to change as it is my calling, my passion. So, I question my need to vlog as it also takes up a large chunk of my time to ensure this is still aligned to my path and I come up with the following reasons.

1. Supporting those with a similar dream and bridging the gap

· Whilst researching preparing for my new on the road life, I couldn’t find any women currently vlogging their experiences about full time motorhome living in Australia. I wanted someone I could relate to and realized that if others wanted to follow the same dream, I could support others with my story whilst bridging that gap with information and resources. If you know of any or are in fact a motorhome vlogger who travels full time in Australia, I would love to hear from you!

2. Showing you that if I could change my life so could you

· I have spent time with countless people who have not felt worthy and especially not feeling worthy enough to take drastic action in their life and create a new reality based upon dreams they had only dreamed of. I recognized that this amongst other things was a big barrier to many people reaching their highest potential. So, if I could show others how I do this on my journey then I would be creating the change I so deeply wish for.

3. To provide a platform/Space for self-care resources

· I wanted to provide a platform/space to share the self-care resources I use because I know they work and I am also aware not everyone has access to self-care strategies in person.

After unpacking, I recognize that my reasoning for vlogging is still the same as when I first started and is definitely something I will continue, especially when hearing from people that my content has allowed them to make positive impacts in their lives. This lifestyle is unbelievable and I know there are so many people out there wanting to choose it. Although I’m still learning in putting together these vlogs/blogs I want to show the beauty within my story of on the road living and I want you to know that anything is possible with great trust in self and I am living proof.

I live minimally on the road, trying to be as self-sustainable as I can. I give to the earth and she gives back tenfold. My appreciation is plentiful. I live life on my terms, according to my own dreams. This is my life and I choose it again and again and again.

Thank you for holding space and allowing me to share my journey,


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