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Online Course 

Feeling run confined, limited drive or motivation to do the things you want to do? 
Nature could just be the answer. 
Did you know that the 


Earth Based Mindfulness 

Six week online course covering the foundations of earth-based spirituality. 

What is Earth Based Mindfulness?  

Earth Based mindfulness is about tuning in to our environment, making the connection between self and that of the earth. It is our connection to country which is earth, trees, animals, ecosystems and more. It is the feeling of a cool breeze or perhaps mud on feet. It is tuning in to the sound of birdsong or maybe the clap of thunder. It is seeing reflection of light in water or a bird take flight in the sky. It is tasting the sweetness or bitterness of plant food. It is smelling flowers in bloom or cow manure freshly given to the lands. It is holding a still presence whilst observing and listening through our senses.


Course cost $150

The time recommended to complete each module is approximately 2 hours per week. You will have access to both phone and email support for the six weeks.

The platform in which the EBM course is offered is Moodle (an online educational portal) which will require you have internet access.

The courses are not accredited, They are designed to be a personal learning experience to deepen your relationship with self however a certificate of achievement will be offered.  


The following subjects covered within this online course:


Connection to self and land

Mindful Walking

Mindful Eating


Living by the seasons and cycles

Forest Bathing

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