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Earth Based Mindfulness
Online and face to face sessions

Feeling run down, confined, limited energy or motivation to do the things you want?

Nature could just be the answer. 

Tree hugging in nature

What is Earth Based Mindfulness?  

Earth Based Mindfulness is about tuning in to our environment, making the connection between self and that of the earth. It is our connection to country which is earth, trees, animals, ecosystems and more. It is the feeling of a cool breeze or perhaps mud on feet. It is tuning in to the sound of birdsong or maybe the clap of thunder. It is seeing reflection of light in water or a bird take flight in the sky. It is tasting the sweetness or bitterness of plant food. It is smelling flowers in bloom or cow manure freshly given to the lands. It is holding a still presence whilst observing and listening through our senses.

EBM is a combined practice of mindfulness meditation and Earth Based Spirituality.


What are the Benefits of EBM?

The benefits of mindfulness are endless however when combined with Earth Based practices the list just continues to grow! Here are just some of the reasons why EBM might just be for you.


Physical benefits of Mindfulness:

Improved sleep patterns

Decrease in physical tension

Relaxed and calm body

Improvement in blood pressure 

Increased energy levels

Increased feelings of vitality

A change in the immune system

Emotional benefits of Mindfulness:

Ability to stay calm in stressful situations

Less worrying and anxiety

A sense of happiness fills your mind and awareness

A stronger sense of self-confidence

Improved control of your feelings and reactions

You experience less nervousness, irritability and moodiness

Earth Based Minfulness group session in nature

Spiritual benefits of Mindfulness:

A sense of inner peace

Attaining self-realization and spiritual awakening

Greater connection to your Divine power

A heightened awareness of your inner self

A sense of oneness

Connection with self, others and the earth

When you practice mindfulness, you are not only improving upon your physical health but also your mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.

Yes, I need this!

How can I learn more? 

Tamsun offers practical EBM sessions out in the natural landscapes of bush lands where you will look at getting in touch with the sacredness of the earth by connecting to your roots and the lands. You will participate in activities such as mindful walking, mindful eating, eco-consciousness, earthing and forest bathing. By connecting with the earth on such a deep and profound level we connect to the networks of forest wisdom which supports us to be more grounded, more connected and more at peace with ourselves and our environment. Sessions normally run for 3 hours however packages can be tailored to suit your needs.



Want the online experience?

Six week online course  $150

The time recommended to complete each module is approximately 2 hours per week. You will have access to both phone and email support for the six weeks.

The platform in which the EBM course is offered is Moodle (an online educational portal) which will require you have internet access.

The courses are not accredited, They are designed to be a personal learning experience to deepen your relationship with self however a certificate of achievement will be offered.  

Connecting to nature group session

The term Earth Based Mindfulness has been used here and there however Susanne Jones – founder of the Meditation Space Campbelltown (South West of Sydney) had combined her practices of various traditions of meditation, mindfulness and earth-based spirituality to form the inner workings of Earth Based Mindfulness. Susanne offers this as a standalone course or as part of the Meditation Teacher Training. 

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