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Personal Growth

Counselling, Mentoring & Reiki Healing

Sessions may include a formulation of  Holistic Counselling, Mentoring, Reiki Crystal Healing, Meditation.. 


Online 1 hr sessions : $75 

Phone 1 hr sessions : $75

Face to face 1 hr sessions : $120 

Packages available to reduce costs

Sessions are held in or the surroundings of Tamsuns Sacred Space  (Kalypso the Motorhome) making sessions mobile and completely unique. 

All sessions aim to encourage, empower and support you to tap into your inner wisdom, love and power to be all that you dreamt of being.

We each travel our own journey looking for the right path, however do we recognize that the path we are on is where we are meant to be?

Tamsun offers 1.1 Personal Growth sessions  to support you in achieving your dreams and goals which may encompass a range of modalities depending on your needs.


If you would like to book a free 15 mins consultation to see how Tamsun can assist :

Intuitive Counseling
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