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Tamsuns message is that you are powerful beyond measure and already have everything you need within, you just may not have accessed it yet. 
We all have old beliefs, patterns and stories we continue to tell ourselves which prevent us from being all that we can. 
Tamsuns mission is to encourage, empower and support you to tap into your inner wisdom, love and power to be all that you dream of being. 

The message and the Mission

About Tamsun K 

Tamsun K Facilitator Therapist

Holistic Therapist and Facilitator 

Tamsun is an Earth Based Practitioner who has a background in Holistic Counselling and Complimentary Therapies, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Crystal Healing and Earth Based Mindfulness among others.

Tamsun uses a holistic and eclectic approach in guiding you to sacred grounds.  


Having overcome many adversities in life, Tamsun only knew too well how to support others to overcome theirs. She had begun her career working predominantly with vulnerable young people many moons ago. However, having worked twenty years in the realms of Community Service roles she had become burnt out. Tamsun engaged in some serious soul searching and had put in place many practices to support her self-care however they weren’t enough to sustain her. It wasn’t until Tamsun delved in, embodied and transformed some of the practices learnt over the years that she brought about her own eclectic and holistic approach to self-care, growth and nourishment.


Here, Tamsun found a new passion, drive and strength to follow her heart and live life according to her dreams and with that she decided to embark on a new journey. A life living on the road in her motorhome Kalypso with her cat Kali whilst providing supports to those ready to head the call of change in life or those just needing that extra support. In doing so Tamsun has discovered she is living a life true and authentic to her deepest soul values.


The Story

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